Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 1

Session One

In which Richard Brandon brought his niece Natalie Brandon to the Kerberos Club for formal introductions with the support of Reuben Marshall.

They found Lord Webb “John” Seymour talking with Ethan Moiré and his manservant Léon. Seymour gave Natalie a small task to investigate some rumors of a drunken sot recounting outlandish tales in the public house called The Old Boot in Crouch End.

Accompanied by the minute but eccentric Christian S. Barnes, the small party travelled to the pub in question.

Upon arriving, Natalie immediately engaged with a man who had just been ejected from the pub for apparantly causing a drunken ruckus. Fortunately, it just so happened to be the “drunken sot” they had been sent to investigate. [Name] “Scunner” Pots had been telling strange stories from his time fighting in the wars in Africa.

[Stuff happened]

After Scunner began to stumble home, the group decided to entertain themselves with a small drink inside The Old Boot whilst Reuben went off to further investigate.

Natalie attempted to infer information from the bar keep, but was unsuccessful as she had forgotten her station. Ethan was more successful, once they had moved past the fact that he was french.

The bar



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