Kerberos Club

The Automated Man

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  • Casket embedded into aethervessel hull when materialising off the coast of Scotland
  • PCs eventually open casket when back at KC, through Christian’s inventions and Reuben’s lockpicking.
  • Casket contains an amnesiac automaton
  • Automaton was made in Paisley, Scotland. Takes “Paisley” as name. Is keen to return to its maker. Natalie disguises Paisley as nobleman.
  • Team travel to Paisley by Reuben’s vessel. Have pub lunch.
  • “Paisley” reunited with creator, Ebenezer Scrivener.
  • Ebenezer reveals that Paisley is called “Pi”. Other automata are “Alpha”, “Beta” and so on.
  • Pi was meant to be destroyed for being erratic (i.e. having free will, one of the laws of robotics weakened within him)
  • Pi will be melted down by Scrivener et al
  • Barnes offers to purchase Pi, Leon also contributes to this as he abhors slavery.
  • Pi returns to KC with team. Pi is found place on Victory and Inq’s aethervessel.
Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 8
Session 8

With a clear-ish plan, and the aid of Captain Julian Victory’s and his ship, the Xerxes, the Kerberos Club members were travelling to the great continent of Africa to reverse the curse that had caused Captain Frederick Grieg, John “Scunner” Potts and Sgt. Bartholomew Wells to switch bodies, the catalyst for the recent nefarious events in London.

They took a steamship down to Dover and embarked on the Xerxes. To everyone’s surprise, the ship was some form of submersible, the craft that Julian had discovered inside a mountain in the Americas. Its crew, while wearing masks on shore revealed themselves to be cat-like people called Caederonians. The pilot of the vessel was not a Caederonian, but one called “Inq”, the Lady Evangeline Trelawney, a woman of stunning beauty, Julian’s fellow adventurer and more.

Their trip to Africa was relatively uneventful. Despite being submerged under the water, the Xerxes travelled through the blue, effervescent aether between worlds to reach its destination. Ethan even managed to coax more than three words out of Léon.

They arrived on the southern shore of the shoulder of Africa, about four days south of Ashanti territory. Here, Richard Brandon was in his element. Within minutes of disembarking, he had called a herd of elephants to carry them north. The birds acted as scouts during the day while bats acted as watchers during the night. Unlike their trip to Africa, this one was not as uneventful.

After the first night, Christian forgot the much required “anti-magic” mail. Christian and Léon went back for it and fortunately it was still there, but their trip was already delayed. On the second night, Richard realised the spider totem was no longer in their possession. He, along with Ethan, backtracked, but were still unable to locate it.

Natalie Brandon awoke that night to find her tent being assaulted by spiders. She was able to keep her head level and telepathically reach out to Christian for help. He was asleep and unable to wake, which contradicted the sight she saw of Christian’s silhouette wielding a stake he had been sharpening on the fire.

Exiting her tent, she promptly woke Julian who seemed confused yet eager to protect.
Natalie saw her uncle and Ethan return from their small expedition, unsuccessfully it seemed from outward appearances. She ran to them through the spiders and away from Christian. They assured her that everything would be alright. Ethan then walked over to Pots occupying Grieg’s body and released him. Poor Natalie was panacking at this stage, which wasn’t helped by the sudden appearance of Léon from the jungle carrying the unconscious bodies of Ethan, Christian and Richard, a contrary sight to what was happening around the camp fire.

In a manner of seconds, Julian was unconscious, the imposter Ethan, Léon, Christian and Richard were gone, along with Grieg, Pots and Wells. Their supplies had been spoiled, water tipped out and elephants gone. The group were in a spot of trouble it would seem. They slept the night and continued to head north in the morning, into the heart of Ashanti territory.

It was around nightfall that they neared an Ashanti village. Not wanting to provoke a severe case of death, they decided to approach then rather than be discovered later. The Ashanti were tentatively receptive.

After some careful negotiations, a brief rest and meal, the group were back into the heart of the jungle. Natalie was able to lead the way to the temple based on what she had gleaned from the minds of the now missing men.

It wasn’t long before they found the ancient temple and began to descend in the spider-infested gloom.

Boots and the Troll
A flashback adventure for Christian, Ethan and Léon

1842, not long after Christian’s entry into the club.

Scene 1: Ethan and Léon enjoy an afternoon coffee in the Sun Room, the feature of which is a large stained glass window of the sun and its Ray’s which dominates one wall. Curiously, the stain glass sun moves as the day progresses from dawn to dusk.

Meanwhile, Barnes, having lost himself in the labyrinthine corridors of the club, amuses himself by testing the properties of an ancient “always-going-engine” that he has happened upon.

Eventually, Christian tired of his experiments, sallies forth, attempting to locate the main rooms of the club. His discovery of a door opening upon a corridor of blinding light, and his entrance into same, coincides with the appearance of a small stained glass man in the corner of the Sun Room’s feature.

Minutes later, introductions having been dispensed with, Ethan and Christian enjoy a coffee together (with Léon , onlooking, ever-present), swapping stories. Their discussions are interrupted by the noisy eating and occasional guffaw by the room’s fourth occupant, who is later revealed to be Artur O’Knox.

-Scene 2; O’Knox sends them to the countryside north of London to perform a boon “on his behalf” for the leader of the gypsies encamped there.
-The three find themselves having been already transported to the forests north of London. Christian is pleased to find his armour similarly transported.

Scene 3
- The boys experience a gypsy revel, Christian and Ethan have their fortunes read by Rosalina Toamna
- Rosalina tells them the tale of Boots and the Troll. She commands them to enter Spring, and perform three things: (1) Free the monster, who has been imprisoned by Boots; (2) Regain possession of the monster’s treasures – the seven silver ducks, the golden harp of gladness, the monster’s quilt. (3) Avenge the death of the monster’s child, revealed to be Rosalina’s daughter.
- Christian is warned that for a mortal to see the Courts of Faerie is to gaze at madness. The Autumn folk trade him a spider-silk eye binding in return for his promise that he will, at some point in the future, create a perfect water clock for one of the Autumn folk.
- Upon wearing the silk eye-wrapping, Christian is amazed to find that the Romani whom were revelling are in fact fauns, satyrs and other creatures of fantastic description.
- The boys are advised to follow the signs of spring in the forest to find their way into the realm.

Scene 4
- Having left the gypsy encampment, the gentlemen find that the lights of the revel are dimming rapidly behind them, it appearing to be further away than they had first reckoned. Perhaps they had travelled further than they had thought?
- They noticed that the moonlight, as it cut through the tree branches above, made small, queer pools of light on the darkness of the forest floor. Upon gazing further, it became more or more certain that the pools of moonlight were nothing more than stepping stones on the forest floor. The chaps jumped from “stone” to “stone” until they arrived at a small natural clearing of oaken trees, a double ring of daffodils in its centre, their yellow petals glowing in the moonlight.
-Upon stepping into the double ring, the grass gave way, becoming a spiral staircase delving into the bowels of the earth. The intrepid three followed these stairs downward, espying the reflection of the moon on (what appeared to be) water at the well’s bottom.
- As they approached the water, they found themselves climbing, rather than descending, the staircase. The reflected moon similarly turned out to be the moon in the sky above.They clambered out into Faerie.
-They travelled through the night, seeking to leave the forest. Amazingly, Christian needed no sleep, and felt refreshed and alert, despite being awake for some hours.

Scene 5
- The trio left the forest, which looked upon a lush, green valley. An analogue to the Thames, a shining blue ribbon, cut through the verdant landscape. They ventured forth, discovering Lt. Donaldson, a hidden soldier of Majesty’s 23rd Advance Scouts, in a bush.
- After a short discussion with same, he agreed to lend the three his motorised velocipede, a steam-powered four-wheeled bicycle-like conveyance.

Scene 6
- The walls of Avalon, the Spring equivalent of London
- Within Avalon a market was occurring
- Ethan procured clothes from a washing line to disguise himself and Léon
- Christian needed no disguise as, due to his stature and the unusual nature of his armour, he appeared to be a member of the Boggan race.
- At Avalon castle, the three decided to venture to the dungeons first, to free the monster, surmising that he might act as a valuable ally, should they attempt to take the life of Boots, the Spring Knight.
- The dungeon was guarded by a two-headed giant, whom was befuddled by Ethan’s quick talking.
- Christian went to the basement to release the “monster”. The monster was in a cell locked firmly with a copper-wrought lock, which Christian quickly compromised.
- Inside the cell was a gargantuan, muscled, blue-skinned man. Introducing himself as “Burrows”, he gladly helped the three leave the dungeons, dispatching the giant in the process.

Scene 7
- Burrows and the three quickly (and aggressively) penetrated the treasury. Upon entering, Burrows whistled for his three possessions (the ducks, the quilt and the harp), and the four fled.
- Burrows revealed that the Autumn Lady’s daughter was not dead, and that in fact, the woman in question was a daughter of the Spring Queen whom he had an illicit entanglement with. It appears that the Club-members were being manipulated by the Autumn Lady in order for her to gain the upper-hand with regards to Spring.
- Finding a secreted mirror locket (that had been hidden by Burrows a century ago) under a cobblestone in an alley, the four used the locket to return to London.

Scene 8
- Finding themselves back in London, the three were surprised to find Burrows’ to have been replaced by a hulking, beetle-browed man. They were further astonished to find Artur waiting for them.
- Burrows gave Artur the three treasures (now miniature in the mundane world), as “agreed”.
- Artur asked whether employment might be found for Burrows at the club, him needing to “go to ground”.

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 6
Session 6

After their night in Bethlem Hospital (or three weeks depending on how you looked at it), a much needed rest was had by all. It was around morning tea time that Natalie Brandon and Richard Brandon entered the club with their guest, Mr Randolph Carter, in tow.

The night’s events post the ambush were explained to Natalie, as well as the reason Randolph came to be locked in a cage, not to mention what he did in the three years he was locked up. Richard also regaled to the group his fantastical discussion with Captain Julian Victory.

It was around lunchtime that Captain Frederick Grieg, occupying the body of Sgt. Bartholomew Wells, awoke under the watch of Reuben L. Marshall. Reuben escorted Grieg down to the tea room where the group were in discussion. Grieg thanked them all for freeing him and listened as Grieg attempted to recount what had happened in the jungles of Ashanti territory.

Apparantly, Grieg, his batman wells and John “Scunner” Potts had become separated from the rest of their troop during a battle. They had become lost within the jungles, only to stumble upon an ancient temple that even the locals avoided. Upon entering, they had wandered for an unknown amount of time. They eventually encountered a a room with an idol dedicated to the trickster god, Anansi.

At the base of the idol had been a box containing leather rags. Faced with the uncontrollable desire to wipe the sweat and blood from their faces, the three gentlemen had done so. After the rags had fallen back into the box, the men found that their faces were no longer their own. Scunner Pots had the face of Lord Grieg, Lord Grieg had the face of Sergeant Wells and Sergeant Wells had the face of Scunner Pots. The three eventually found their way back to the army. Upon returning to Great Britain, Scunner in Grieg’s body had the real Grieg committed for lunacy.

Grieg had struggled to tell his story to the party, clearly reliving bad memories, some of Africa and some of Bethlem Hospital. The next course of action was to find a way to reverse the curse. It was clear that the series of thefts in London were related to Anasi, the upper class and the cretin occupying Lord Grieg’s body. Those with knowledge of the occult, such as the wise Ethan Moiré, knew that Anasi was most likely being worshipped as a cult figure, as evident from the spider tattoos on many of the nobility. The cult was sure to be behind the thefts.

Reuben set off to investigate the thefts while Ethan and Léon payed a visit to Grabber Newhouse, a criminal whose boxing matches Léon had missed participating in for the last several weeks.

[Everyone else did stuff – don’t remember]

Reuben was able to discover that the thefts were all from the upper class, particularly those who quite recently had performed a social slight on another member of their class. Reuben hatched a scheme to catch a thief in the act. Being a member of the upper class, Reuben was able to spread the rumour of an insult occuring without the actual instance.

Ethan and Léon’s encounter with Grabber was less fruitful. After paying Grabber a generous two pounds to make up for the missed events, Grabber’s henchmen still proceeded to beat the handsome out of Ethan (and attempt the same on Léon, although substantially less effective). A compromise was reached. Léon would not miss another fight and forfeit his next winnings, and Grabber wouldn’t finish the job he’d strted.

Ethan, Léon, Reuben and Natalie scouted out the house of the “insultor”. On the third night, with cat-like dexterity, a thief was able to invade the house and exit without alerting the occupants. escaping along the rooftops. Reuben gave chase along the rooftops while others on the street below. After a brief chase, Reuben was able to subdue the thief, a woman who seemed to have undergone a transformation of the arachnid kind. The transformation seemed link to the spider tattoo on her wrist.

Mr Benedict “Ned” Burrows refused the group entry with another unconscious body and so they moved her to Reuben’s riverside estate.

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 5
Session 5

The question was asked, ‘What is your name?’ To which Sgt. Bartholomew Wells replied, ‘I am the 5th Marquess of Hertford, Captain Frederick Grieg.’

A form descended from the ceiling and knocked Natalie Brandon out with a truncheon on the way down. Upon landing, the man in the brown trenchcoat turned to the rest and said, “You’re fucking knicked!”

The orderlies of Bethlem Hospital poured into the room in an attempt to subdue the invaders. But they were no match against the fighting prowess of the charming Ethan Moiré, as well the significantly less charming Léon. Reuben helped.

When things began to turn south for the orderlies and their rude accomplice, he decided to flee. Ethan shot him in the back. Léon started to finish off the hospital employees but was told by Ethan that they just needed silence from them. Taking this as an order, Léon promptly removed their tongues.

The trenchcoat-ed accomplice turned out to be a member of Special Branch by the name of NAME.

During this time, sensing his connection to Natalie lost, Richard Brandon had entered the hospital and had begun to search for his cohorts and neice. Even with an idea of where he was going based on his telepathic conversations with Natalie, Richard still became lost in the labarythian expanse that was Bethlem Hospital.

Knowing his companions were on a basement level, he travelled downwards until he eventually came to a room containing a seemingly-bottomless chasm. Hanging above the chasm was a single cage. Inside the cage was a sleeping figure. Not sure what else to do, Richard woke the figure up. Upom waking, the individual grumbled about being so close to using the silver key to enter a city. He revealed himself to be a one Mr Randolph Carter, an explorer from Providence.

Sensing no ill intentions, Richard shot the lock off the cage which facilitated the escape of Mr. Carter. Together they continued to explore, Richard now becoming worried as his niece’s whereabouts. The two of them stumbled upon a room contains a large, strange mechanism. It was a series of platforms that all seemed to slightly rotate. Richard was able to identify some of the symbols on the sides to mean the seasons and months. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, he began to turn the spokes that controlled the device.

Meanwhile, with the fight over, Reuben applied a healthy dose of chloroform to the Marquess Grieg who appeared to be occupying Barty Wells’ body. Reuben immediately found an excuse to not carry Grieg’s body; the chore was left to Ethan and Christian S. Barnes. Léon carried Natalie. It was time to leave, and in the most hastily of manners.

Unfortunately, it seemed the staircase had changed formation during their fight; the stairs rose into a stone wall beyond the first 6th floor. The only other option was to change direction. The conscious and unconscious alike headed down the stairs until they came to a tiny door at the very bottom of the staircase. Opening the door revealed a gentleman’s back (although it could have been a woman dressed as a gentleman – how absurd!).

Ethan had his switchblade out, ready do what needed to be done, when he heard the ever-prattling voice of Richard Brandon coming from the room that the gentleman was blocking. Rather than slit the gentleman’s throat, Ethan cried out, “Richard?”, to which Richard replied, “Ethan?”

Randolph moved out of the way to let everyone squeeze through the tiny door and so Christian, Reuben, Ethan and Léon, carrying the bodies of Natalie and Lord Grieg, found themselves in the giant mechanism room. Through Ethan’s quick thinking and genius-like intellect, he was able to decipher the mechanism and open a door to the outside.

The group emerged onto the grounds of Bethlem Hospital. Since they had entered the hispital, the night had become foggy and silent, except for the occasional distant cry of a Howler Monkey.

Richard took the unconscious Natalie and Randolph back to his premises while everyone else returned to the Kerberos Club for some much needed rest. Upon returning to their respective homes, everyone discovered that 3 weeks had passed, as opposed to three hours. The rationale behind this was a mystery.

Richard and Captain Julian Victory had a grand ol’ chat about flying submersibles and travelling to Barsoom (where ever that might be).

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 4
Session 4

Post their unsuccessful foray into Bethlem Hospital, the Kerberos Club members and Natalie Brandon regrouped in a local coffee shop. It was there that they discussed what had happened within the hospital.

Ethan Moiré and Christian S. Barnes disclosed what knowledge they had of the accursed place. It appeared that due to the history of the land the hospital was built upon, the hospital had the ability to temporary sever the connection between the material plane and the “Other World”

And so with this context, the group discussed the plans for proceeding. They involved using an actual relative to gain entry, as opposed to impersonating a war colleague; threatening the presence of a bomb, much in the same vein as Guy Fawkes; and infesting the premises with highly-dangerous, African ants.

The group elected to pursue the “using a relative” idea which required further inspection of the service record of Bartholomew Wells. And as they were casually discussing gunpowder terrorism, they decided to return to the Kerberos Club in order to consolidate their plans.

Upon their return to the club, it became apparant that Richard Brandon had the service record on his person the whole time. It was revealed that Barty Wells had a neice living up in Yorkshire. Time was of the essence and so using a relative was not a practical course of action.

Their dicussions within the Room of the Severed Head (a drawing room with a giant, stone, totem statue of a severed head) were unexpectedly interrupted when the club had some expected guests. The well-respected Scotland Yard had arrived to inquire as to the whereabouts of Tristan Featherstonehaugh, last seen in the company of Ethan and Léon (du Mort).

Fortunately, Christian and Richard were able to diffuse the terribly awkward situation as Ethan and Léon had of course helped the unconscious offender, Tristan, into a taxi and instructed the driver to take the man to the nearest hospItal. It also just so happened that the police were able to show a surprising amount of insight into the history of the group.

Whether a visit from the police triggered the idea, or whether Christian just so happened to pluck the idea from the swirl of genius that exists in his head, it is unknown, but Christian suddenly surmised that he could create a series of harnesses that would negate the harmful effects of the hospital.

With such a solid idea that could be implemented in a short time frame, their minds were made and Christian immediately set about creating devices.

Come nightfall, six individuals stood outside the grounds of Bethlem Hospital, four of them wearing the strangest of devices resembling suspenders. Reuben L. Marshall did a quick reconnaissance of the grounds and was able to time their entry into hospital with precision and without alarm. Richard elected to stay on guard outside the hospital, ready to cause a distraction if needed. He deemed their incursion into the hospital an activity for the youth.

Once inside, Ethan was able to deduce quickly as to the whereabouts of Barty Wells. He was being held in cell 1147 in the 8th basement in the East wing. But it was not as simple as it sounded. It was not long before the corridors began to twist and turn. Entrances and exists were shifting around, and the moans of deranged patients floated in the air. The only apt tracker and navigator within the party was outside having a small nightcap.

To make the situation worse, the cell numbering was in an unrecognisable language and the only apt linguist was outside having a small nip. With luck, they were able to find the staircase down to the lower levels, avoiding the hidden alarm bells scattered throughout the dark cellars. Christian also discovered a vent where a gas was subtly being pumped throughout the building. The effect of this gas was unknown but it still didn’t explain the disorientating effect it was having on the group (Léon not breathing could clarify this).

The signage for every floor below was in an archaic, runic language and the only apt anthropologist was outside having a couple of fingers of the whisky. Natalie finally gave in and telepathically contacted Richard. After a seemingly, everlasting tale occurring entirely in Natalie’s head, she finally had the key to deciphering the runes and symbols.

Following that, it wasn’t hard for the group to find their destination (passing by a guard who just so happened to be dead and be-handed when they got there). They broke into cell containing Barty Wells, Reuben ready to chloroform the deranged man to avoid bringing unwanted attention. Ethan stopped Reuben at the last moment as the suddenly awaken Barty cowered in the corner of his cell.

The question was asked, ‘What is your name?’ To which Barty replied, ‘I am the 5th Marquess of Hertford, Captain Frederick Grieg.’

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 3
Session 3

It was dinner at the Kerberos Club, just following the group’s discussion of their findings regarding Bartholomew Wells’ long term incarceration at Bethlem Hospital. This was the next lead in their case, but Natalie Brandon thought prudent to leave their investigations until the morning.

Richard Brandon had launched into his latest recount of his amazing adventures and so Reuben L. Marshall took this chance to excuse himself and disappeared for the night. Ethan Moiré followed suit and decided it was time for some evening delight. He left the club with Léon (du Mort) and Natalie, Christian S. Barnes not far behind.

They headed to Nightingale’s, an evening club with the upper-class and the well-to-do. Ethan, a frequent guest, was greeted warmly, Léon a little less so. Ethan immediately set off to the gambling room where, lo and behold, Richard had managed to beat them there and already had a significant number of patrons hanging on his every word.

Christian caught up with them and joined in with the gambling, drinking and socialising. At the same roulette was the quite rude Duke of Northumberland who was revealed to have some sort of tattoo on his wrist.

In the meantime, a one Tristan Murdoch introduced himself to Natalie and took her for a walk through Nightingale’s (with Léon subtly following). It was only upon entering an empty room that Tristan revealed his true intentions as he tried to stab Natalie with a poisoned ring. Able to hold him back with her mind powers, Natalie gave Léon enough time to burst into the room and backhand Tristan with enough force to impede a rhino.

This proved a small issue for the two of them as a negro killing an Englishman is very much frowned upon. With other club attendees already spilling into the room, Ethan and Christian had to act fast. They raced up the stairs to the crowded drawing room and managed to convince the assembled that Tristan, who the assembled revealed to be Tristan Fanshaw, was merely unconscious, the negro having prevented Tristan’s malicious attack on Natalie. Ethan, parading as a doctor, revealed the switch blade in Tristan’s jacket (which coincidentally just so happened to look exactly like the one Ethan carried with him).

Léon hoisted Tristan up on his shoulder and carried him downstairs to take him to the hospital. This was what Ethan informed the police anyway. The two of them took the body to the Kerberos Club, Richard whisked Natalie back to his estate and Christian enjoyed a pleasent night cap at the club while the police investigated.

Back at the club, Léon dealt with the body while Ethan, and later Christian, informed Lord Webb “John” Seymour of their progress. The next morning, Léon brought out what he had salvaged from from Tristan’s body. A ring designed to inject poison and a tattoo that was once attached to Tristan’s arm. The tattoo was of a spider, and clearly the same as the one on the arm of the Duke of Northumberland.

The group had a schedule to stick to and so they departed for Bethlem Hospital in order to investigate the current mental state of Barty Wells. For this, they hatched a cunning plan. Natalie, Reuben, Christian and Ethan would escot Richard as he “inquired” into his old war buddy, Bartholomew Wells. Meanwhile, Léon would be shrunk down to the size of a baby – using one of Christian’s devices – while wearing a mind-reading helmet – another one of Christian’s devices – and hidden away on Ethan’s body.

Unfortunately, their cunning plan failed about fifty meters away from the front door when Léon started to decay, Natalie’s soul begen to detach from her body, Ethan started to age and Reuben just looked incredibly ill. The four of them only managed to last several minutes inside the building before having to leave.

It was up to Richard and Christian, a.k.a. the “normies”, to con their way through to see Barty. Five minutes later they were out of the building, with no information pertaining to Barty, due to a particularly obtuse nurse.

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 2
Session 2

Some stuff happened

  • Reuben saw an orgy
  • Léon now is a bare knuckle boxer.

[To be written]

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 1
Session One

In which Richard Brandon brought his niece Natalie Brandon to the Kerberos Club for formal introductions with the support of Reuben Marshall.

They found Lord Webb “John” Seymour talking with Ethan Moiré and his manservant Léon. Seymour gave Natalie a small task to investigate some rumors of a drunken sot recounting outlandish tales in the public house called The Old Boot in Crouch End.

Accompanied by the minute but eccentric Christian S. Barnes, the small party travelled to the pub in question.

Upon arriving, Natalie immediately engaged with a man who had just been ejected from the pub for apparantly causing a drunken ruckus. Fortunately, it just so happened to be the “drunken sot” they had been sent to investigate. [Name] “Scunner” Pots had been telling strange stories from his time fighting in the wars in Africa.

[Stuff happened]

After Scunner began to stumble home, the group decided to entertain themselves with a small drink inside The Old Boot whilst Reuben went off to further investigate.

Natalie attempted to infer information from the bar keep, but was unsuccessful as she had forgotten her station. Ethan was more successful, once they had moved past the fact that he was french.

The bar


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