Kerberos Club

The Kerberos Club, a private gathering place in London for the curious, the odd, people on the fringe, or those touched by the Strange.

Its origins have been lost in dark history, but its mandate has not.

  1. Be True to your Fellows, for they Know you.
  2. Be kind to those Ignorant, and help them preserve this comfort.
  3. Recognise Evil, and be its master.

Once, Strange occurrences were rare in London and easily managed by the Kerberos Club. But in recent years, since Queen Victoria ascended to the throne, there have been more sightings and more oddities. The Metropolitan Police have formed the Special Branch to combat and control the Strange; secret societies are emerging into public eye; and technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, aided by the genius of innovators.

The world is changing in ways that the common man is yet to see, but the Kerberos Club retains its unconquerable, mysterious presence at St. James Square London.

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