Richard Brandon

Explorer, Geographer, Biologist, Man of Action


RH Richard Brandon (Knight of the Order or the Royal Garter) History

Born the second son of a wealthy family. Married his wife Eleanor at 28.

Joined the Royal African Corps at age 20.

Spent 5 years as in Africa as part of the Corps where he learned the local native languages and got on very well with the various tribesmen of the area. He spent his recreation time hunting, tracking, learning more skills and languages from natives, and writing biological and geographical monographs.

At three years into his service his wife Eleanor took ill and passed away.

At the end of his service he was asked by the Royal Geographical society to remain in Africa and undertake a journey of exploration in order to disprove what the French claimed was the source of the Nile River. This was a rousing success, causing him to subsequently join the society, albeit whilst residing in Africa for another 8 years. During this time he continued his explorations and wildlife observations, while visiting many uncharted regions of Africa.

Towards the end of his time in Africa Richard received word of a village that had been plagued by two man-killing lions. (The lions had been stalking and killing members of this village for weeks, even growing so bold as to enter huts and drag people off into night.) Precautions and traps were placed to no avail, with hunters that tried unsuccessfully to catch the beasts becoming prey themselves. Rumours then spread that the lions were either demons, witches’ familiars or possessed. Indeed, from the tales they seemed to possess an uncanny intelligence.

Fascinated, Richard travelled to the village in question. He quickly determined they were two male lions that, upon becoming cast out from their own pride and unable to claim one of their own, had become crazed and blood-hungry, killing for pleasure and not food. Richard was able to slowly track the killers to their den by using a risky strategy of travelling only by wading shoulder deep in the dangerous crocodile and hippo-infested river, his head disguised by reeds and mud, the rest of his body submerged. and with his gun held above his head at all times to prevent from getting wet.

It took two days but eventually he found their lair. He waited until day, when they were most restful. Took aim and shot the first. A good shot but it alerted the second lion to his presence. He charged but the second shot misfired, most likely due to damp. Calmly he reloaded and managed to shoot the lion right as it leapt for his throat.
He took a bad swipe from the claws nevertheless and was forced to remain with the tribe during recovery.

A neighbouring tribe that revered a hunter god above all heard of his deeds during this time and invited Richard to become a member of the tribe. A true hunter of the land. The ceremony was long and involved many strange herbs and dreams. Upon it’s conclusion Richard felt a new keenness to his gaze and abilities. It appeared the animals of the land responded to this power and he found them quick to obey his commands. Soon however Richard had to leave and the tribe presented him with an idol that would allow him to call upon the animals of the land for his aid.

He returned with riches as he had been rewarded handsomely for finding new mining sources. His work was rewarded with an induction into the Knights of the Order of the Garter.

He spent the next couple years writing books about his experiences in Africa. These became tremendously popular and Richard was and remains a popular guest at dinner parties all over London. It is during this time that Richard began to be observed by the Kerberous Club and eventually was initiated into their ranks. The Winding Staircase and the Hollow Fox (Richard’s challenge)

Since his initiation Richard has travelled extensively through the Middle east, India and South America.

He currently lives in a large estate in covent gardens containing many animals, plants and other souvenirs acquired during his travels.

Richard Brandon

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