Reuben L. Marshall

The Pirate Lord!

  • Super Attribute (Agility)
  • Super Skill (Stealth, Notice)
  • Heightened Senses (Low-Light, Perception)
  • Super Edge (Lucky)
  • Wall Walker
  • Ageless
  • Chameleon
  • Danger Sense
  • Intangibility

On the outskirts of London, on the banks of the Thames, there is a manor house that everyone knows simply as “Pirate Manor”. Very few know how it got its nickname, but it has been there for as long as anyone can remember, and for just as long, there has always been a “Pirate Lord”, or more properly, a Lord Reuben Marshall, in residence. It is a modest estate, only a handful of retainers and their families call it home, and they keep largely to themselves, being quite self-sufficient. All, that is, except the lord himself, who is quite a social chap, and is quite often seen at all the proper parties and events and places to be seen.
Nobody bothers the inhabitants of Pirate Manor, and the inhabitants never bother anyone else. Every once in a while, the Lord will take a bride, and whisk her away to the manor, and every once in a while a new baby will be introduced to the right people, before being secluded in the manor again. And life has been continuing like this for countless generations.
But it is all a hoax.
If anyone had cared to notice, the brides the Marshalls have taken have always been social nobody’s, never heard of before or after, almost as if they had been made up (which they were) from nothing. And none of the babies ever shared any Marshall features, for none of them had ever been Marshalls, but rather borrowed from the retainers. In fact, Lord Reuben Marshall cannot sire children, a legacy of his immortality. For Lord Reuben is not even human. Well, not fully, anyhow.
Reuben Marshall was born from a forbidden love between a Fae Shadow Prince and a human woman. According to the Fae law at the time, the Princes was sentenced to death, and the woman and child were banished from Fae lands. To prevent further “infestation” or weakening of Fae bloodlines, the child was cursed with sterility.
Homeless, loveless and destitute, the woman decided to end her life by throwing herself and her baby off a cliff. She perished in the attempt, but by a stroke of luck, the baby survived to be picked out of the water by a small smugglers boat that happened to be passing by.
As luck would have it, the captain of this small crew was a woman, who a couple of years previously had lost her infant son to a wasting disease, so she saw Reuben’s delivery as a gift from the gods, and adopted him as her own. He grew up living the life of a smuggler, but the crew never really warmed to him, as there always seemed to be a sense of something not quite right about the boy.
At 16 Years old, when his adopted mother’s life was ended at the wrong end of a merchant captains sword, Reuben knew his time with the crew was done. So liberating a small punt he could handle by himself, he set off, and somehow found himself sailing one day across the mouth of the Thames.
It was a sunny, spring day, and there were a number of small hobby craft on the water, when a sudden storm rolled in off the coast. Caught unawares, one particular craft, more suited to calm sailing, fell victim to the changing weather. Not really sure why he did, Reuben fished the hapless sailor out of the bay, and found a sheltered alcove a little way up the Thames. Once more chance would play a part in changing the course of Reuben’s life, as the sailor he rescued happened to be none other than the prince, who had snuck out to enjoy the warm weather without his usual entourage.
For saving the royal youth, Reuben was awarded noble title and a small estate on the River, which came to be known as “Pirate Manor”. Since then, Reuben has been living as multiple reincarnations of “The Pirate Lord”.
During this time, Reuben has cultivated a figure known as “The Shadow” of London. The existence of this creature of the night is the worst kept secret in London, and he is the grease that keeps the wheels of political, business and elite social machines turning. If there is a job to be done on the down-low, then the Shadow is the man to get it done. From artifact retrieval , to delivering letters of forbidden love to a secret abode, to making suggestions to politicians about how upcoming votes should be cast, The Shadow has been asked to do it all.
Attuned as they are to the Weird things in life, The Kerberos Club soon got scent of Reuben, and he was eventually invited to join their ranks. In their company, he found a comforting similarity, a sense of finally belonging, and a replacement for the family he never really knew. He has come to care greatly for the Club, and all it represents, and looks with disfavor upon those who would sully its good name.

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Reuben L. Marshall

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