Pi, "Paisley"

Clockwork Man


*The Best There Is


  • Dependency: Water
  • Weakness: Water
  • Loyal
  • Curious


  • Construct
  • Gifted
  • Interface, code-breaker
  • Attack, ranged (Lvl 4, Lethal)
  • Armor (Lvl 5, +10)

Created as part of Ebenezer Scrivener’s Clockwork Army, Pi was deactivated and sunk, in a casket, in the North Sea, as a result of irreconcilable flaws within his clockwork brain. These included; “showing too much initiative”, “general eccentricity” and, most grievous of all, the “a compromised ability to protect humans at all cost”.

His casket was found by the Julian Victory and the crew of the Xerxes, whilst transporting Richard Brandon et al back to Dover. At the Kerberos Club, Pi’s coffin was opened, and he was reactivated. Expressing a strong desire to return to his place of creation (Paisley in Renfrewshire), Pi was escorted home by some members of the club. Upon return to his birthplace, and the subsequent discovery that he would be dismantled and melted down by his creator, led to his being purchased byChristian Barnes, and freed.

Since his emancipation, Pi (or “Paisley” as he sometimes calls himself) has become a member of the Xerxes’ crew, travelling as part of a troupe with Julian Victory and Inq.

Pi, "Paisley"

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