Mr Uriah Maggs

Merlin vs the Amicable Librarian.


Mr Maggs’ white hair and full beard show him as an older gentleman without as much care for modern fashion.

Even when not in the library, he is seldom seen far from a book or two.

Known Abilites

  • Sorcery (7)
  • Omni-Skill (5 – Limited to Knowledge skills only, including Languages)
  • Fearless

Uriah was born in the late 5th Century somewhere in the centre of modern England, specifically where, even he is not too sure. After a brief childhood he was lucky enough to be apprenticed to a local hedge wizard named Maerlyn who impressed upon him the tenants of Natural Magick.

Fortunately this was something that Uriah excelled at. It was probably a blessing in disguise that Maerlyn became quite busy in the early 6th century as an advisor to a General Arturus who was defending the area from the Saxon invasion. This slowed down his Magickal studies, and gave Uriah the opportunity to talk with the local Bards as he and Maerlyn moved around and learn about what knowledge and understanding they had.

Once Maerlyn’s time was more available, Uriah already had a much broader understanding of culture, history, and of course Natural Magick, so Maerlyn was able to transition his learning to the more dangerous Unnatural Magick. This allowed for interactions with various peoples not native to our reality, but similarly expanded the “people” that Uriah could learn from.

Uriah and Maerlyn naturally parted ways some time later, and Uriah began a time of extensive travel. He travelled across Europe and Asia, as well as other planes of existence such as Faerie. The binding of the written word into books was a pivoting point in his life, as he no longer needed to find a unique scholar, but simply to find their writings (although this was not always easier). He now spent time in all the libraries he could find, learning all he could about any subject he could find.

As he had learned the secret to avoid aging some time previous, he would spend only a certain amount of time in each location (where this was a concern) so as to avoid complications. It would also mean that he would spend considerable time in realities where this was less of an issue. He would ensure however that every couple of decades he would return to his native land and look into what had changed.

It is therefore more than safe to say that the now Mr Uriah Maggs has been associated with the Club since its earliest records. He has however been on an extended leave of absence until recently returning to his private residence at Paddington.

Mr Uriah Maggs

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