Lord Webb "John" Seymour, 11th Duke of Somerset

Degenerate aristocrat haunted by his past

  • Touched by Hades (Fearless)
  • The Flesh is Weak (Summons two bloody tendrils that act as Extra Limbs x2)
  • Grasping Gore (Ensnare)
  • Inevitable Rot (Decay)
  • Barrier of Shadows (Deflection, LVL 4)
  • Abyssal Sight (Heightened Senses, Low-Light, Infravision)
  • The Beast Within (Fear, Terror)
  • The Yellow King’s Blessing (Infection)
  • The Daemon’s Torment (Jinx)

Rumoured to be a former member of the now defunct Ordo In Arcanam Flavo Regis, Lord Seymour is indeed a man haunted by the excesses of his past. Little is known about his involvement in that esoteric brotherhood, nor their connection to the fine tracery on his flesh, of scars and india-ink that can be glimpsed peeking out from his shirt cuffs.

In interactions, “John” (as he is known to his friends) is a mercurial conversationalist, alternating between moments of sullen introspection and bursts of sudden mania. A known opium fiend, he can often be found in the Oriental Drawing Room of the Club, indulging in a clay pipe of this, his truest lover.

Lord Webb "John" Seymour, 11th Duke of Somerset

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