Léon (du Mort)

Undead Manservant from Haiti


Léon is a large Negro man for his time at 6’ tall, and has a solid build. He talks with deep voice and a thick french (creole) accent.

All his features are dark, with short curled hair and a strong brow. There is an air of something unsettling about his presence for those not acclimatized, perhaps the way he moves or breathes, definitely if you hold his gaze for too long it inevitably triggers shivers down you spine.

Otherwise he dresses much like any other manservant (although perhaps a little shabby).

He carries with him a solid Walking Stick, although seems to have no need of it for support, and has an unusual pendant which he occasionally holds, and can be heard muttering to himself on occasion


Born to a slave family during the 1770’s on a French Colonial farm just south of Port-de-Paix in northern Haiti, Léon’s upbringing was conventional for the time and place as a practicing ’vodouisant’.

Having escaped one form of slavery and joined the Revolution, Léon met Ethan Moiré in Haiti, and ultimately returned with him to France in 1804.

He has remained quietly by his side since, and is seldom seen elsewhere other than where necessity dictates.

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Léon (du Mort)

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