Ethan Moiré

Immortal... unkillable... French.

  • Immortal
  • Regeneration with regrowth and returns from the dead
  • Immune to disease
  • Immune to poison
  • Doesn’t need to eat
  • Doesn’t need to breathe
  • Has a natural, all-around aptitude due to a lifetime and a half of experience.

Ethan Moiré was born in the 1770s and grew up during the French Revolution (the big one). After being charges with deserrtion from the Battle of Neerwinden in 1793, Ethan was executed. Following his execution, Ethan was invited into the Société Scientifique Républicaine when it became apparant he was able to recover from being beheaded.

In 1801, Ethan travelled to Saint-Domingue to investigate the rumours of the locals being brought back from the dead. Ethan returned to France in 1805, fleeing the Haitian slave revolt and massacres. He also returned with a companion, Léon (du Mort), one of the undead Zombi that had been used during the revolution.

Upon his return, Société Scientifique Républicaine had transitioned into the Société Scientifique Impériale, a near-official branch of the government under Napoléon Bonaparte. Ethan became a French agent with Leon serving as his manservent (in public eyes anyway).

Ethan served in the SSI for 35 years, carrying out covert operations for the French Empire, ranging from supernatural investigations to infiltration of resistance groups.

By 1815, it became apparant that Ethan wasn’t aging past his early 20s, in addition to having the ability to survive death, rapidly heal, regrow limbs and, after an elongated stay in the Teutonic Knight’s torture chamber, having no apparant need for sustanance.

By 1838, Ethan was looking for a way out and Leon was happy to follow. He received an offer for sponsership into the Kerberos Club by Reuben L. Marshalland so Ethan jumped on the chance, defecting to the United Kingdom and bringing Leon with him.

In 1839, Ethan completed his challenge and became an fully-fledged member of the club.

Ethan’s Challenge

Ethan Moiré and the Curse of the Gypsy Woman (1838)

What characters know

Ethan Moiré has been in the Kerberos Club for seven years now and, despite his relative youth, has provided an invaluable level of insight into the fallen order of Teutonic Knights, the Undead Revolution of Haiti and other strange happenings within the last fifty years.

Only recently have tales begun to arise from the strange place where rumours are born. Ethan looks remarkably spry for a man who should be approaching 30. In the last seven years, no-one has so much as seen him sneeze. Those with connections within the Société Scientifique Impériale have heard odd stories surrounding Ethan from over twenty years ago.

While being a reasonable and social gentleman, Ethan seems unwilling to share anything about himself or his history, unlike the acclaimed Richard Brandon.

Speaking of companions, Ethan is looked upon even more strangely for his close friendship with the Haitian, Léon, a man who, at first, just seemed quiet and reserved, but now also has strange and unsettling rumours surrounding his being.

When inquiries have been made to the older members of the Kerberos Club, they have refused to speak, or even look sheepish.

The many Deaths of Ethan Moiré

For players’ eyes only – Characters are only aware of the stories they were involved in

The Deal with Ethan Moiré – 1793

Ethan Moiré

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