Kerberos Club

The Automated Man


Will update this when I have time!


  • Casket embedded into aethervessel hull when materialising off the coast of Scotland
  • PCs eventually open casket when back at KC, through Christian’s inventions and Reuben’s lockpicking.
  • Casket contains an amnesiac automaton
  • Automaton was made in Paisley, Scotland. Takes “Paisley” as name. Is keen to return to its maker. Natalie disguises Paisley as nobleman.
  • Team travel to Paisley by Reuben’s vessel. Have pub lunch.
  • “Paisley” reunited with creator, Ebenezer Scrivener.
  • Ebenezer reveals that Paisley is called “Pi”. Other automata are “Alpha”, “Beta” and so on.
  • Pi was meant to be destroyed for being erratic (i.e. having free will, one of the laws of robotics weakened within him)
  • Pi will be melted down by Scrivener et al
  • Barnes offers to purchase Pi, Leon also contributes to this as he abhors slavery.
  • Pi returns to KC with team. Pi is found place on Victory and Inq’s aethervessel.



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