Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 8

Session 8

With a clear-ish plan, and the aid of Captain Julian Victory’s and his ship, the Xerxes, the Kerberos Club members were travelling to the great continent of Africa to reverse the curse that had caused Captain Frederick Grieg, John “Scunner” Potts and Sgt. Bartholomew Wells to switch bodies, the catalyst for the recent nefarious events in London.

They took a steamship down to Dover and embarked on the Xerxes. To everyone’s surprise, the ship was some form of submersible, the craft that Julian had discovered inside a mountain in the Americas. Its crew, while wearing masks on shore revealed themselves to be cat-like people called Caederonians. The pilot of the vessel was not a Caederonian, but one called “Inq”, the Lady Evangeline Trelawney, a woman of stunning beauty, Julian’s fellow adventurer and more.

Their trip to Africa was relatively uneventful. Despite being submerged under the water, the Xerxes travelled through the blue, effervescent aether between worlds to reach its destination. Ethan even managed to coax more than three words out of Léon.

They arrived on the southern shore of the shoulder of Africa, about four days south of Ashanti territory. Here, Richard Brandon was in his element. Within minutes of disembarking, he had called a herd of elephants to carry them north. The birds acted as scouts during the day while bats acted as watchers during the night. Unlike their trip to Africa, this one was not as uneventful.

After the first night, Christian forgot the much required “anti-magic” mail. Christian and Léon went back for it and fortunately it was still there, but their trip was already delayed. On the second night, Richard realised the spider totem was no longer in their possession. He, along with Ethan, backtracked, but were still unable to locate it.

Natalie Brandon awoke that night to find her tent being assaulted by spiders. She was able to keep her head level and telepathically reach out to Christian for help. He was asleep and unable to wake, which contradicted the sight she saw of Christian’s silhouette wielding a stake he had been sharpening on the fire.

Exiting her tent, she promptly woke Julian who seemed confused yet eager to protect.
Natalie saw her uncle and Ethan return from their small expedition, unsuccessfully it seemed from outward appearances. She ran to them through the spiders and away from Christian. They assured her that everything would be alright. Ethan then walked over to Pots occupying Grieg’s body and released him. Poor Natalie was panacking at this stage, which wasn’t helped by the sudden appearance of Léon from the jungle carrying the unconscious bodies of Ethan, Christian and Richard, a contrary sight to what was happening around the camp fire.

In a manner of seconds, Julian was unconscious, the imposter Ethan, Léon, Christian and Richard were gone, along with Grieg, Pots and Wells. Their supplies had been spoiled, water tipped out and elephants gone. The group were in a spot of trouble it would seem. They slept the night and continued to head north in the morning, into the heart of Ashanti territory.

It was around nightfall that they neared an Ashanti village. Not wanting to provoke a severe case of death, they decided to approach then rather than be discovered later. The Ashanti were tentatively receptive.

After some careful negotiations, a brief rest and meal, the group were back into the heart of the jungle. Natalie was able to lead the way to the temple based on what she had gleaned from the minds of the now missing men.

It wasn’t long before they found the ancient temple and began to descend in the spider-infested gloom.



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