Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 6

Session 6

After their night in Bethlem Hospital (or three weeks depending on how you looked at it), a much needed rest was had by all. It was around morning tea time that Natalie Brandon and Richard Brandon entered the club with their guest, Mr Randolph Carter, in tow.

The night’s events post the ambush were explained to Natalie, as well as the reason Randolph came to be locked in a cage, not to mention what he did in the three years he was locked up. Richard also regaled to the group his fantastical discussion with Captain Julian Victory.

It was around lunchtime that Captain Frederick Grieg, occupying the body of Sgt. Bartholomew Wells, awoke under the watch of Reuben L. Marshall. Reuben escorted Grieg down to the tea room where the group were in discussion. Grieg thanked them all for freeing him and listened as Grieg attempted to recount what had happened in the jungles of Ashanti territory.

Apparantly, Grieg, his batman wells and John “Scunner” Potts had become separated from the rest of their troop during a battle. They had become lost within the jungles, only to stumble upon an ancient temple that even the locals avoided. Upon entering, they had wandered for an unknown amount of time. They eventually encountered a a room with an idol dedicated to the trickster god, Anansi.

At the base of the idol had been a box containing leather rags. Faced with the uncontrollable desire to wipe the sweat and blood from their faces, the three gentlemen had done so. After the rags had fallen back into the box, the men found that their faces were no longer their own. Scunner Pots had the face of Lord Grieg, Lord Grieg had the face of Sergeant Wells and Sergeant Wells had the face of Scunner Pots. The three eventually found their way back to the army. Upon returning to Great Britain, Scunner in Grieg’s body had the real Grieg committed for lunacy.

Grieg had struggled to tell his story to the party, clearly reliving bad memories, some of Africa and some of Bethlem Hospital. The next course of action was to find a way to reverse the curse. It was clear that the series of thefts in London were related to Anasi, the upper class and the cretin occupying Lord Grieg’s body. Those with knowledge of the occult, such as the wise Ethan Moiré, knew that Anasi was most likely being worshipped as a cult figure, as evident from the spider tattoos on many of the nobility. The cult was sure to be behind the thefts.

Reuben set off to investigate the thefts while Ethan and Léon payed a visit to Grabber Newhouse, a criminal whose boxing matches Léon had missed participating in for the last several weeks.

[Everyone else did stuff – don’t remember]

Reuben was able to discover that the thefts were all from the upper class, particularly those who quite recently had performed a social slight on another member of their class. Reuben hatched a scheme to catch a thief in the act. Being a member of the upper class, Reuben was able to spread the rumour of an insult occuring without the actual instance.

Ethan and Léon’s encounter with Grabber was less fruitful. After paying Grabber a generous two pounds to make up for the missed events, Grabber’s henchmen still proceeded to beat the handsome out of Ethan (and attempt the same on Léon, although substantially less effective). A compromise was reached. Léon would not miss another fight and forfeit his next winnings, and Grabber wouldn’t finish the job he’d strted.

Ethan, Léon, Reuben and Natalie scouted out the house of the “insultor”. On the third night, with cat-like dexterity, a thief was able to invade the house and exit without alerting the occupants. escaping along the rooftops. Reuben gave chase along the rooftops while others on the street below. After a brief chase, Reuben was able to subdue the thief, a woman who seemed to have undergone a transformation of the arachnid kind. The transformation seemed link to the spider tattoo on her wrist.

Mr Benedict “Ned” Burrows refused the group entry with another unconscious body and so they moved her to Reuben’s riverside estate.



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