Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 5

Session 5

The question was asked, ‘What is your name?’ To which Sgt. Bartholomew Wells replied, ‘I am the 5th Marquess of Hertford, Captain Frederick Grieg.’

A form descended from the ceiling and knocked Natalie Brandon out with a truncheon on the way down. Upon landing, the man in the brown trenchcoat turned to the rest and said, “You’re fucking knicked!”

The orderlies of Bethlem Hospital poured into the room in an attempt to subdue the invaders. But they were no match against the fighting prowess of the charming Ethan Moiré, as well the significantly less charming Léon. Reuben helped.

When things began to turn south for the orderlies and their rude accomplice, he decided to flee. Ethan shot him in the back. Léon started to finish off the hospital employees but was told by Ethan that they just needed silence from them. Taking this as an order, Léon promptly removed their tongues.

The trenchcoat-ed accomplice turned out to be a member of Special Branch by the name of NAME.

During this time, sensing his connection to Natalie lost, Richard Brandon had entered the hospital and had begun to search for his cohorts and neice. Even with an idea of where he was going based on his telepathic conversations with Natalie, Richard still became lost in the labarythian expanse that was Bethlem Hospital.

Knowing his companions were on a basement level, he travelled downwards until he eventually came to a room containing a seemingly-bottomless chasm. Hanging above the chasm was a single cage. Inside the cage was a sleeping figure. Not sure what else to do, Richard woke the figure up. Upom waking, the individual grumbled about being so close to using the silver key to enter a city. He revealed himself to be a one Mr Randolph Carter, an explorer from Providence.

Sensing no ill intentions, Richard shot the lock off the cage which facilitated the escape of Mr. Carter. Together they continued to explore, Richard now becoming worried as his niece’s whereabouts. The two of them stumbled upon a room contains a large, strange mechanism. It was a series of platforms that all seemed to slightly rotate. Richard was able to identify some of the symbols on the sides to mean the seasons and months. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, he began to turn the spokes that controlled the device.

Meanwhile, with the fight over, Reuben applied a healthy dose of chloroform to the Marquess Grieg who appeared to be occupying Barty Wells’ body. Reuben immediately found an excuse to not carry Grieg’s body; the chore was left to Ethan and Christian S. Barnes. Léon carried Natalie. It was time to leave, and in the most hastily of manners.

Unfortunately, it seemed the staircase had changed formation during their fight; the stairs rose into a stone wall beyond the first 6th floor. The only other option was to change direction. The conscious and unconscious alike headed down the stairs until they came to a tiny door at the very bottom of the staircase. Opening the door revealed a gentleman’s back (although it could have been a woman dressed as a gentleman – how absurd!).

Ethan had his switchblade out, ready do what needed to be done, when he heard the ever-prattling voice of Richard Brandon coming from the room that the gentleman was blocking. Rather than slit the gentleman’s throat, Ethan cried out, “Richard?”, to which Richard replied, “Ethan?”

Randolph moved out of the way to let everyone squeeze through the tiny door and so Christian, Reuben, Ethan and Léon, carrying the bodies of Natalie and Lord Grieg, found themselves in the giant mechanism room. Through Ethan’s quick thinking and genius-like intellect, he was able to decipher the mechanism and open a door to the outside.

The group emerged onto the grounds of Bethlem Hospital. Since they had entered the hispital, the night had become foggy and silent, except for the occasional distant cry of a Howler Monkey.

Richard took the unconscious Natalie and Randolph back to his premises while everyone else returned to the Kerberos Club for some much needed rest. Upon returning to their respective homes, everyone discovered that 3 weeks had passed, as opposed to three hours. The rationale behind this was a mystery.

Richard and Captain Julian Victory had a grand ol’ chat about flying submersibles and travelling to Barsoom (where ever that might be).



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