Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 3

Session 3

It was dinner at the Kerberos Club, just following the group’s discussion of their findings regarding Bartholomew Wells’ long term incarceration at Bethlem Hospital. This was the next lead in their case, but Natalie Brandon thought prudent to leave their investigations until the morning.

Richard Brandon had launched into his latest recount of his amazing adventures and so Reuben L. Marshall took this chance to excuse himself and disappeared for the night. Ethan Moiré followed suit and decided it was time for some evening delight. He left the club with Léon (du Mort) and Natalie, Christian S. Barnes not far behind.

They headed to Nightingale’s, an evening club with the upper-class and the well-to-do. Ethan, a frequent guest, was greeted warmly, Léon a little less so. Ethan immediately set off to the gambling room where, lo and behold, Richard had managed to beat them there and already had a significant number of patrons hanging on his every word.

Christian caught up with them and joined in with the gambling, drinking and socialising. At the same roulette was the quite rude Duke of Northumberland who was revealed to have some sort of tattoo on his wrist.

In the meantime, a one Tristan Murdoch introduced himself to Natalie and took her for a walk through Nightingale’s (with Léon subtly following). It was only upon entering an empty room that Tristan revealed his true intentions as he tried to stab Natalie with a poisoned ring. Able to hold him back with her mind powers, Natalie gave Léon enough time to burst into the room and backhand Tristan with enough force to impede a rhino.

This proved a small issue for the two of them as a negro killing an Englishman is very much frowned upon. With other club attendees already spilling into the room, Ethan and Christian had to act fast. They raced up the stairs to the crowded drawing room and managed to convince the assembled that Tristan, who the assembled revealed to be Tristan Fanshaw, was merely unconscious, the negro having prevented Tristan’s malicious attack on Natalie. Ethan, parading as a doctor, revealed the switch blade in Tristan’s jacket (which coincidentally just so happened to look exactly like the one Ethan carried with him).

Léon hoisted Tristan up on his shoulder and carried him downstairs to take him to the hospital. This was what Ethan informed the police anyway. The two of them took the body to the Kerberos Club, Richard whisked Natalie back to his estate and Christian enjoyed a pleasent night cap at the club while the police investigated.

Back at the club, Léon dealt with the body while Ethan, and later Christian, informed Lord Webb “John” Seymour of their progress. The next morning, Léon brought out what he had salvaged from from Tristan’s body. A ring designed to inject poison and a tattoo that was once attached to Tristan’s arm. The tattoo was of a spider, and clearly the same as the one on the arm of the Duke of Northumberland.

The group had a schedule to stick to and so they departed for Bethlem Hospital in order to investigate the current mental state of Barty Wells. For this, they hatched a cunning plan. Natalie, Reuben, Christian and Ethan would escot Richard as he “inquired” into his old war buddy, Bartholomew Wells. Meanwhile, Léon would be shrunk down to the size of a baby – using one of Christian’s devices – while wearing a mind-reading helmet – another one of Christian’s devices – and hidden away on Ethan’s body.

Unfortunately, their cunning plan failed about fifty meters away from the front door when Léon started to decay, Natalie’s soul begen to detach from her body, Ethan started to age and Reuben just looked incredibly ill. The four of them only managed to last several minutes inside the building before having to leave.

It was up to Richard and Christian, a.k.a. the “normies”, to con their way through to see Barty. Five minutes later they were out of the building, with no information pertaining to Barty, due to a particularly obtuse nurse.




- Léon du Mort


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