Kerberos Club

Adventure 1: "When First We Practise to Deceive" - Part 4

Session 4

Post their unsuccessful foray into Bethlem Hospital, the Kerberos Club members and Natalie Brandon regrouped in a local coffee shop. It was there that they discussed what had happened within the hospital.

Ethan Moiré and Christian S. Barnes disclosed what knowledge they had of the accursed place. It appeared that due to the history of the land the hospital was built upon, the hospital had the ability to temporary sever the connection between the material plane and the “Other World”

And so with this context, the group discussed the plans for proceeding. They involved using an actual relative to gain entry, as opposed to impersonating a war colleague; threatening the presence of a bomb, much in the same vein as Guy Fawkes; and infesting the premises with highly-dangerous, African ants.

The group elected to pursue the “using a relative” idea which required further inspection of the service record of Bartholomew Wells. And as they were casually discussing gunpowder terrorism, they decided to return to the Kerberos Club in order to consolidate their plans.

Upon their return to the club, it became apparant that Richard Brandon had the service record on his person the whole time. It was revealed that Barty Wells had a neice living up in Yorkshire. Time was of the essence and so using a relative was not a practical course of action.

Their dicussions within the Room of the Severed Head (a drawing room with a giant, stone, totem statue of a severed head) were unexpectedly interrupted when the club had some expected guests. The well-respected Scotland Yard had arrived to inquire as to the whereabouts of Tristan Featherstonehaugh, last seen in the company of Ethan and Léon (du Mort).

Fortunately, Christian and Richard were able to diffuse the terribly awkward situation as Ethan and Léon had of course helped the unconscious offender, Tristan, into a taxi and instructed the driver to take the man to the nearest hospItal. It also just so happened that the police were able to show a surprising amount of insight into the history of the group.

Whether a visit from the police triggered the idea, or whether Christian just so happened to pluck the idea from the swirl of genius that exists in his head, it is unknown, but Christian suddenly surmised that he could create a series of harnesses that would negate the harmful effects of the hospital.

With such a solid idea that could be implemented in a short time frame, their minds were made and Christian immediately set about creating devices.

Come nightfall, six individuals stood outside the grounds of Bethlem Hospital, four of them wearing the strangest of devices resembling suspenders. Reuben L. Marshall did a quick reconnaissance of the grounds and was able to time their entry into hospital with precision and without alarm. Richard elected to stay on guard outside the hospital, ready to cause a distraction if needed. He deemed their incursion into the hospital an activity for the youth.

Once inside, Ethan was able to deduce quickly as to the whereabouts of Barty Wells. He was being held in cell 1147 in the 8th basement in the East wing. But it was not as simple as it sounded. It was not long before the corridors began to twist and turn. Entrances and exists were shifting around, and the moans of deranged patients floated in the air. The only apt tracker and navigator within the party was outside having a small nightcap.

To make the situation worse, the cell numbering was in an unrecognisable language and the only apt linguist was outside having a small nip. With luck, they were able to find the staircase down to the lower levels, avoiding the hidden alarm bells scattered throughout the dark cellars. Christian also discovered a vent where a gas was subtly being pumped throughout the building. The effect of this gas was unknown but it still didn’t explain the disorientating effect it was having on the group (Léon not breathing could clarify this).

The signage for every floor below was in an archaic, runic language and the only apt anthropologist was outside having a couple of fingers of the whisky. Natalie finally gave in and telepathically contacted Richard. After a seemingly, everlasting tale occurring entirely in Natalie’s head, she finally had the key to deciphering the runes and symbols.

Following that, it wasn’t hard for the group to find their destination (passing by a guard who just so happened to be dead and be-handed when they got there). They broke into cell containing Barty Wells, Reuben ready to chloroform the deranged man to avoid bringing unwanted attention. Ethan stopped Reuben at the last moment as the suddenly awaken Barty cowered in the corner of his cell.

The question was asked, ‘What is your name?’ To which Barty replied, ‘I am the 5th Marquess of Hertford, Captain Frederick Grieg.’



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